As a resident of the Town of Milford, do I qualify for any tax relief?

An exemption releases an individual from the requirement to pay all or a fraction of his/her property tax obligations.

If you are over 66, are married, have assets below $55,000 (excluding the value of your residence), and your total income is less than $36,806; or you are over 66, single, and have assets below $40,000 (excluding the value of your residence) and income less than $24,537 you may qualify for an elderly exemption. You may wish to contact the Assessors' Office for more information.

If you are declared legally blind with the MA Commission for the Blind as of July 1st, you may qualify for a blind exemption.

Disabled Veteran/Surviving Spouse
If you are a disabled veteran with at least a 10 percent service related disability or a surviving spouse of a disabled veteran, you may qualify for a veteran’s exemption.

Financial Hardship
There is a financial hardship exemption for persons who are aged and infirmed.

A deferral is a postponement of tax payments, with interest. You must be 65 years old on July 1 of the fiscal year, or activated military personnel with a financial hardship. This does create a lien on your property and is recovered upon the sale of the property or the death of the owner through his or her estate.

Senior Citizen Property Tax Work-Off Abatement
The Town of Milford offers a Senior Work-Off Abatement Program administered by the Senior Center. Under this program you can work for the Town doing a variety of jobs and the payment for this service is a tax abatement or reduction on your real estate tax bill. You must be at least 60 years of age and meet certain eligibility requirements. Please contact the Senior Center for more information: 508-473-8334.

Please Note
In all cases, you must establish residency and property ownership to be considered. The elderly, tax deferral and hardship applications require income and asset documentation. If you think you may be eligible for tax relief, please call Liz Sher in our office at 508-634-2306.

Applications are mailed September 15th and are due into our office April 1st of any year.