Obtaining a Building Permit
Please Check Your Zoning District Regulations First

  • Application form for Building Permit must be made out by the owner or contractor of the building or structure.
  • Application forms must be filled out completely
  • Proof of Liability and Workman's Compensation Insurance is required.
  • MAScheck Model Energy Code form must be completed.
  • Building Application must contain a description of work to be performed.
  • Supply Two (2) sets of plans and specifications.
  • Site Plan showing size of lot, size and location of all new construction, all existing structures on the site and distances from lot lines.
  • Name, address, phone # and Construction Supervisor's License number of contractor. (Optional.....Owner may assume all responsibility of work to be done, at his own risk)
  • Sewer Permit, issued by the Sewer Commissioners or Septic System Plan approved by Town Engineer & Conservation Commission.

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