Compost & Recycling Bins

Compost Bins

Need a Bin?

As of January 2012, Recycling and Compost Bins are only available at the Transfer Station. Start your home composting with our new Sure-Close Kitchen Counter Composter!

Home Composting

New to composting? Click here to learn more about Home Composting & Greeen Landscaping.

Check out MassDEP's guide for composting yard and food waste in their Home Composting Guide!

Recycling for the Town of Milford is done by E.L. Harvey & Sons, Inc.

1 (800) 321-3002

Recycling and Compost Bin Pricing


35 Gallon Recycling Bin - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK


22 Gallon Recycling Bin


18 Gallon Totes


1.9 Gallon Kitchen Counter Composter


Recycling and Trash Documents