Fee Schedule

Body Art & Tanning Facilities 
Body Art Establishment$100
Body Art Practitioner$50

Tanning Facility

Food Permit Fees 

Food Service (0-75 seats) 


Food Service (75+ seats)


Cater Establishment


House of Worship

No Charge 
Milk & Cream$10 
Mobile Food/Ice-Cream Service$50
Non-Profit Clubs$75
Plan Review New or Renovated Food Establishment$100
Private Clubs$50
Residential Kitchen$100
Retail Food ( less than 5,000 Sq Feet)$125
Retail Food (more than 5,000 Sq Feet)$300
Temporary Mobile Food Establisment per event$15
Temporary Mobile Food Establishment per Season (July 1-June 30)$75
Temporary Outdoor SeatingNo Charge
Title 5 -- Engineering Related Fees 
D-Box and Minor RepairNo Charge
New Construction$200
Septage Hauler Permit Application $200 
Septic Installer Permit Application $300  
Septic Repair Application$100 
Soil & Percolation Testing Application (February-May 30) Evaluation Fee$150
Wells (Paid by Property Owner) 
Well Construction Permit$35
Irrigation Well$15
Other Applications & Forms 
Body Works Establishment $100
Pool Operation$100
Portable Toilets (per event)$50
Re-Inspection (after inintial & 1st re-inspection)$50