Town of Milford Complete Streets Project Underway

The Town of Milford Highway Department has partnered with Green International Affiliates to develop a Complete Streets Prioritization Plan with funding from the MassDOT grant program. Complete Streets are designed to integrate the needs of all users – pedestrians, cars, trucks, freight, cyclists, transit riders, people with disabilities – with a priority on safety and usability, within the context and constraints of the roadway.

To view or contribute detail about trouble spots or ideas to the Milford Complete Streets Wikimap and make the streets or intersections safer, click on the following link: Town of Milford Complete Streets Wikimap

Types of projects we need to prioritize include but are not limited to: bike lanes, safer street crossings, signage, traffic calming measures, ADA accessible curb ramps, speed feedback signs, and sidewalks. This mapping project will help the Town learn more about trouble spots, areas for improvement, and any ideas that you may have. Without your input we won’t know where we need to make these improvements, so please add in your thoughts and ideas! The more people we get to contribute the better the results will be.

To learn more about the project, please visit Town of Milford Complete Streets Project on the Highway Department webpage.