Neighborhood Task Force

The Neighborhood Task Force was commissioned by the Selectmen in 2011, coinciding with Article 31 (Nuisance By-Law) of the Milford By-Laws designed to regulate urban blight. The task force is a collaboration between the Town Administrator, Milford Police Department, Milford Fire Department, Health Department, Assessor’s Office and the Building Commissioner. The main focus of the task force is to identify areas with unregistered vehicles, excessive garbage\junk, illegal or overcrowding apartments, blighted structures or anything that violates local\state\federal health\safety\zoning codes.

Citizens can voice their concerns by calling the tip line at (774) 462-3307 or by filling out the online form. If you choose to submit your concern online, you can upload up to three photographs or documents showing the problems. Before calling or completing the form, be sure you know the street address of the property.