Milford Playgrounds Temporarily Closed

The Board of Selectmen, pursuant to its general executive authority for the Town, consistent with the state of emergency declared by Governor Charles D. Baker, and after consultation with Milford’s Emergency Management Director and Health Agent, is closing Milford’s playgrounds effective immediately and until further notice.

This is part of our local effort to facilitate social distancing and curtail the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The Town of Milford has closed all public playgrounds, including standalone playgrounds as well as playgrounds within parks.

Playgrounds cannot be disinfected between use, and the spaces facilitate close contact during play. Therefore, families which use playgrounds are at higher risk for catching COVID-19 as well as spreading the illness to other families.

Public parks will remain open to give community members space to recreate. While in these parks, all community members must do their part to minimize contact with each other. Closures of public buildings and spaces will only be effective if the community also takes protective steps by practicing self-isolation, monitoring for any symptoms, and avoiding large gatherings.