Renewable Energy Advisory Committee

Meeting Location: Milford Town Library


The central mission of the Committee will be to advise the Board on developing, implementing and promoting a Town energy strategy. This charge will involve research and evaluation of energy policies and practices that would promote efficient energy use and increase awareness of energy issues for both public and private entities Townwide.

The Committee's goals will include, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Identify energy savings in town, both public and private.
  2. Reduce the Town's impact on the environment by using energy more efficiently and recycling more waste.

To accomplish these goals, the Committee's scope of work will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. Identify potential ways to reduce energy consumption and costs. These solutions may include conservation, efficiency improvements, equipment upgrades, or alternative sources of power generation.
  2. Explore Green Start program sponsored by National Grid.
  3. Propose cost-effective targets for energy use reductions and submit draft plan to the Board for review, evaluation and approval. Work with Town staff to implement a final plan for achieving those targets.
  4. Assist Town staff by researching the costs and benefits of energy efficiency improvements, writing/processing grant applications and rebates, and identifying funding opportunities for proposed energy projects.
  5. Conduct outreach to towns in the greater Milford area.
  6. Provide information to Town staff, residents, businesses, and developers through a community outreach program that would encourage conservation and energy efficiency, increase cost -effective recycling and promote smart development.
  7. Keep Town staff and the public informed of the Committee's progress by reporting periodically to the Board and by holding public meetings.

Board Members

Name Title
Joe Evans Member
Jay Gilchrist Member
Catherine Guido Member
Nicholas Guido Member
Brian Grossman Member
Kate Mastroianni Member
John Tehan Member