Sewer Department

The Town of Milford began protecting the quality of water in the Charles River in 1906, when they constructed a slow sand filtration plant to treat the town’s waste water. Over the decades there have been many changes and upgrades to the facility. Today, Milford owns and operates one of the most advanced waste water plants in the area.

The advanced waste water treatment facility is capable of treating an average of over 4 million gallons a day before it is discharged to the Charles River. This facility uses a combination of physical, chemical and biological processes to remove more than 98% of organic and solid pollutants. In addition, the facility generates ultraviolet light for disinfection. This ulatraviolet disinfection eliminates more than 99.9% of all disease causing organisms. The treatment facility also removes nutrients such as phosphorus. Phosphorus is reduced to near non-detectable levels assuring minimal impact to the Charles River by the waste water treatment facility.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
John Mainini Director of Operations (508) 473-2054
Antonia M. Drysdale Assistant to Director of Sewer Operations (508) 473-2054