Town Accountant

Room 19

The Town Accountant monitors, directs and audits municipal accounting systems, and the Milford Contributory Retirement System. The Town Accountant also performs technical accounting, financial, and computerized functions in maintaining the fiscal records and systems of the town and administers all internal and external financial reporting requirements.

In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 41, Section 55, and 57 according to the U.M.A.S. methods of accounting and local bylaws, he/she functions independently, referring specific problems to State Department of Revenue and Audit Compliance where clarification or interpretation, or exception to municipal policy may be required.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Zachary Taylor, CGA Finance Director (508) 634-2309
Shannon Sanches Administrative Specialist (508) 634-2309
Cindy Taylor Administrative Specialist (508) 634-2309
Thomas Brown Town Accountant (508) 634-2309