Town Meeting Study and Improvement Committee (TMSIC)

Meeting Location: Room 14

The purpose of the Town Meeting Study and Improvement Committee is to strengthen and thereby preserve the representative Town Meeting as the legislative branch of the Town government. Futhermore Town Meeting Study and Improvement Committee is a Representative of Town Meeting consisting of as many members as their are precincts (plus 1 member from any precinct when required to achieve an odd number of members) who shall be appointed as required by Section (b) “Committee Appointments,” by the Moderator.  Each member so appointed shall be a member of said Town Meeting and shall not be an at-large member of such Town Meeting.

The duties of the Committee shall undertake and include, but not be limited to the following;

  • Periodically conduct surveys of the Town Meeting Members to assess their level of satisfaction, their issues, and their recommendations for improvement.
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive Town Meeting Handbook including presentation guidelines.
  • Take responsibility for the education and orientation of new Town Meeting members.
  • Communicate with Town Meeting members and the general public about Town Meeting through various means including the use of Information Technology.
  • Assess the adequacy and timeliness of information provided by Warrant Article sponsors and Advisory Committees, Boards, and Commissions, and make recommendation to said Advisory Committees, Boards, and Commissions for improvement.
  • Assess the adequacy of the physical facilities (e.g., Seating, Audio/Visual Systems, etc.) and make recommendations to the appropriate Town Board or Department for improvement.
  • Organize pre-town meeting forums.
  • The Committee shall perform such other duties as Town Meeting shall determine from time to time.

The Town Meeting Study and Improvement Committee in addition to their duties will provide the following to the Town of Milford;

  • Provide a continuing review of the conduct and procedures of the Town Meeting, and other matters which pertain to Town Meeting.
  • Make recommendations to the Moderator and/or the Town Meeting as to ways and means of improving Town Meeting procedures, operations, and attendance as said Committee deems appropriate.
  • Encourge the Town’s citizens to seek the office of Town Meeting Member.

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Town Meeting Study and Improvement Committee
Town Hall
52 Main Street
Milford, MA 10757
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Committee Members

Reno Deluzio



Batholomew Lawless

Vice Chairman


Michelangelo Bon Tempo



Joanne Dillon


Dr. Richard Heller


Kathryn Mastroianni


Richard Morrison


Steven Trettel


Susan Hastert