Notice of Property Inspections

The Town of Milford Assessors' Office is required, by the Department of Revenue Bureau of Local Assessment, to conduct a data inspection program of each parcel at least once every ten years.

The Assessors’ Office has two employees dedicated to an ongoing property inspection program to verify the data used to develop property tax assessments. On-site inspections are conducted throughout the year. Inspections are also conducted for building permits and property sales.

The Data Collectors have identification badges, an Assessors’ field card of your property and a Milford Assessors sign with our office phone number on the vehicle they drive.  Our inspectors will take exterior measurements of the house and detached structures and will ask to enter the home to verify bedroom and bathroom count, physical condition, and quality of construction.   

In no case will the inspector enter a home uninvited and without being accompanied by an adult resident 21 years of age or older. If you are not available when the inspector comes to your door and they need to perform an interior inspection, they will leave a yellow door knocker asking you to contact us for an appointment. 

A property owner can refuse entry, however this may affect the right to appeal their assessment.

Please note anyone on your property or asking to enter your home who do not have the credentials listed above is not from our office. To confirm the identity of our staff, please call the Assessors’ Office at (508) 634-2306.