Assessors' Office

Room 13

The Assessors' Office is responsible for determining the full and fair cash value of all real and personal property in the Town of Milford and the administration of Massachusetts General Laws relating to municipal finance and taxation. The Department of Revenue conducts a comprehensive review of the work performed and certifies the values established by the Board of Assessors every five years. Assessments can change annually based on market conditions.

Additional duties of the Assessors' Office include, but are not limited to: administering motor vehicle excise tax, participation during the classification hearing and subsequent submission of the Tax Rate Recap, processing abatements, exemptions, deferrals of tax, defending assessed values at the Appellate Tax Board, maintenance of tax assessment maps, annual GIS parcel updates, and oversight of the Town's overlay reserve account.

To ensure fair and equitable assessments property inspections are conducted on a nine year cycle and for any building permit activity. Property records are maintained for all real estate and personal
property accounts.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jennifer Sclar Assessors Administrator (508) 634-2306
Liz Sher Assistant to Assessor Administrator (508) 634-2306
Joanne Dillon Administrative Specialist (508) 634-2306
Rebecca Alger Data Lister (508) 634-2306