Fair Housing Committee

Meeting Location: Room 02

The Town of Milford, through its Board of Selectmen, has approved and continues to support a Fair Housing Action Plan in compliance with guidelines promulgated by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and hi conformance with all state and Federal laws relevant to the provision of equal choice and housing for all individuals.

The Plan is a public document and is available for inspection in the Selectmen's office. The Plan has bean implemented through the efforts of the Fair Housing Committee with representation from the Planning Board, the Housing Authority and the community-at-large.

This committee is charged with and continues to develop a bilingual outreach program to disseminate information, the review of actions of community boards and agencies pertaining to housing, the pursuit of activities, and the resolution of complaints concerning alleged discrimination in housing through its multi-lingual Complaint Intake Program.

Committee Members

Leonard Oliveri


Alfred Sannicandro


Maria Valenca



(508) 634-2315