Planning Board

Meeting Location: Room 03

Members are elected and serve 5-year terms.

The Planning Board’s statutory authority embraces the following procedures that in many cases require a public hearing:

  • Processing of the subdivision of land, including securing surety/bonds 
  • Processing applications for Site Plan Review 
  • Granting Special Permits for Elderly Housing and Planned Residential Communities (condos)
  • Reviewing/reporting on all Zoning Board of Appeals Variances and Special Permit petitions
  • Recommendation to the Board of Selectmen Regarding Chapter 121A Tax Agreements
  • Processing and recommend to Town Meeting on zone changes or revision to the Zoning By-Law
  • Recommendation to Town Meeting for acceptance of all streets as Town ways
  • Preparation and adoption of the Town Comprehensive Plan

Zoning maps may be purchased through the Planning and Engineering Office for $3.00 each

Board Members

Joseph A. Calagione


April 30, 2019

Marble M. Mainini III


April 30, 2020

Lena M. McCarthy


April 30, 2021

John H. Cook


April 30, 2022

Patrick J. Kennelly


April 30, 2023

Town Planner