How can I get an absentee ballot?

You may get an application for an absentee ballot in the Town Clerk’s office or you may download the application here.

The application must be submitted to the Town Clerk’s office no later than 12:00 pm on the day before the election unless you need the ballot mailed, which would require you to return the application sooner to be able to be mailed to you.  All absentee ballots must be completed following the instructions which are included when they are mailed out. You may also vote, after completing an absentee ballot application, in the Town Clerk’s office during business hours if you find that you will not be able to vote on Election Day for any of the reasons that entitle you to vote absentee.  Completed absentee ballots must be received by 8:00 pm (the time the polls close) on election day.  A completed absentee ballot, appropriately signed and sealed, may be dropped off at the Town Clerk’s office but may NOT be delivered directly to the polling location.

For more information on absentee voting, please go to the following site.