Board of Selectmen

Meeting Location: Room 03

Members are elected and serve 3-year terms. The Selectmen serve as the Chief Executive Officers of the Town of Milford.

Examples of the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Selectmen include:

  • Appointing Authority for many Town Boards and Committees, and for employees of the Departments under their jurisdiction
  • Licensing Board for the Town
  • Fiduciary responsibility for Town finances
  • Signs Warrants for the payment of all Town bills
  • Issues Warrants for Annual Town Meeting and Special Town Meetings

Board Members



April 30, 2021

(508) 473-0020


April 30, 2022

(508) 304-2921


April 30, 2023

(508) 634-2303

Town Administrator


(508) 634-2303