Zoning Regulations Regarding Fences, Sheds & Pools

Inflatable pools need a permit and a fence.

Fences: A fence may be erected in any residential area with the following requirements:

  • Six feet in height or less does not require a building Permit
  • May be installed right up to the lot lines (no setback required)
  • Sight obscuring fences shall have a maximum height of three feet, six inches (3'6") within twenty feet (20') of the street frontage, all other areas, a maximum height of six feet (6'); May be installed with either side facing in.



  • Sheds greater than 200 sq. ft. require a Building Permit; smaller than 200 sq. ft. (such as a 10x12) - NO PERMIT REQUIRED
  • Pools greater than 250 sq. ft. or greater than 24" deep require a Building Permit (such as a hot tub or water garden). If pool is locatedd on a corner lot it has to be 30 feet from both streets.

Sheds greater than 120sq. ft. must comply to the following regular zoning setbacks:

RA = 10' side, 15' rear

RB = 15' side, 25' rear   

RC = 20' side, 30' rear

Pools & Sheds less than or equal to 120 sq. ft. must comply to one-half of the zoning setbacks of the above regular distance:

RA = 5' side, 7 1/2' rear